Varieties of Natural Cheese (Very Hard and Hard)

Here is a list of a few cheeses in the Very Hard and Hard categories.

Very Hard (used for grating)

Texture – Flavor – Use
Asiago – sharp, slightly fruity – cooking and seasoning
Parmesan – sharp, salty – cooking, pasta, salads and seasoning
Romano – sharp, piquant, salty – cooking, pasta and seasoning

Cheddar – rich, nutty, from mild to sharp – cooking, dessert, with fruit
Cheshire – tangy, salty – cooking, with fruit
Edam, Gouda – milky and nutty to sharp and salty – appetizer, dessert
Gjetost – sweet, fudgelike, caramely – sandwich and snacks
Gruyere – mellow and buttery – cooking and dessert
Jarlsberg – slightly sweet and nutty – appetizer, sandwich and cooking
Nokkelost – spieced with cloves and buttery – appetizer, sandwich and cooking
Swiss – mild, very fruity with tang – appetizer, cooking, dessert and with sandwiches

These are just a few cheeses in the Very Hard and Hard category. Thanks to Betty Crocker for the above information!