Salva Cremasco cheese a mystery worth tasting

Salva Cremasco cheese

Salva comes from the Italian verb salvare, meaning to save. Crema is the name of a town in the Northern Italian region of Lombardy. (This muchsalva_cremasco_cheese is true.) Salva Cremasco – the “saved cheese” from Crema – was initially made with excess milk in late spring or summer, when the herd’s output is most abundant. So the cheese salvaged milk that might otherwise be wasted.

Another theory says that the cheese was originally a by-product, made with the skimmed milk remaining after the cream was removed for butter.

A third tale holds that Crema cheesemakers made Salva to preserve the summer milk when the weather got too warm to make soft cheeses, like Robiola, which wouldn’t last in the heat. Being aged and relatively firm and dry, Salva had more durability.

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