How do you store your cheese?

Did you know cheeses can absorb other aromas and can change taste over time?  Do you hate it when your exposed cheese in your refrigerator starts to dry?  The first rule to good cheese storage is to know that all cheese are not created equal.  Semi-soft to hard cheese should be wrapped in foil to prevent mold.  With soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert, plastic wrap is acceptable.  Shredded cheeses work best in airtight containers.  The more exposed surfaces areas you have, the more likelyhood of mold developing.

Pungent cheese like Blue Cheese or Limberger should be double wrapped to avoid having aromas fill your refrigerator.  For extra assurance against aroma leakage, an airtight container should do the trick.  Hard cheeses can keep for months and can be frozen for up to eight weeks.  Soft cheeses can last between one and three weeks if stored properly in airtight containers.

When you leave cheese out at room temperature, you might notice they get oily.  It looks as if the cheese is sweating.  This is the cheese actually melting!  The fat molecules are actually oozing out.  It is still okay to eat but over time the taste and texture might change.

So, how do you store your cheese?