Cheese is not Downloadable: Consider Bardwell Farms

Cheese is not Downloadable: Consider Bardwell’s Unique Fromage

Former record label exec Chris Gray enjoys cheesemaking because, unlike music, cheese can’t be pirated: “I decided to get into something that you can’t download, and you can’t digitally replicate. Everything we do here is handmade. And so there’s something eternally unique about what this is. And it’ll always be valuable, as long as we keep making it delicious.”

Chris used to develop artists; now, he develops unique batches of artisanal cow’s and goat’s milk cheese as co-owner of 10-year-old Consider Bardwell Farm. He’s a character in a larger story that takes place in West Pawlet, Vermont, on a gorgeous 300-acre dairy farm. The tale begins in 1864, when a man with a curious name—Consider Stebbins Bardwell—founded the first cheese-making co-op in Vermont. Cheesemaking of the Colby/cheddar style may have ended there in the 1930s, but firmly established on this gorgeous estate was a name and a reputation for quality cheesemaking.

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